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The six challenges every email marketer must face

You may have read about AI-powered segmentation and subject line optimisation, but when it comes to it there are six basic challenges that email marketers must still address. Achieving relevance Too much email. It is one of the tropes of modern life. Determining the right frequency Frequency is very important, and the right frequency differs between recipients. Some bargain hunters may want daily emails, others a monthyl browse. Declining subscriber engagement through time Email recipients are most responsive when they first subscribe, after which interest can decline. Testing of segmentation and personalised content is key. Decline in engagement with email through time for new subscribers who are not targeted through personalised messaging (Barratt, S. and Davis, S. (2009) Connected Commerce: The intersection of e-commerce and ecommunication). Data quality and integration Integrating ESP response data with information from a CRM database is commonplace, but robust data conventions are necessary, for example, standardising the names used for different fields, and having solid processes for syncing data and handling conflicts. These challenges remain Looking at Econsultancy's 2017 Email Marketing Census, when asked about their email marketing focus for the year ahead, respondents identified relevance, optimisation, deliverability and mobile rendering just as frequently as they did in 2016.