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5 Ways the Real Estate Industry Will Completely Transform Over the...

How safe are real estate agents’ jobs? But what about the real estate industry? Change is not only coming; it’s already starting to disrupt the industry. The landlord sets a reserve rent, and renters are all pre-screened when they sign up for the service. Services like Owners.com in the United States and Your Online Property Agent in the U.K. have started offering flat-fee services in the $400-1,000 range depending on how much extra attention and services you want. More Long-Distance Real Estate Purchases with Virtual Reality Buying real estate sight-unseen is too uncomfortable for most buyers to consider. Rent Deducted from the Tenants’ Paycheck High-risk rental applicants are simply turned away in today’s market, when the landlord has any other options available. Consider a recent study by Brickvest, in which 56% of real estate investors expect blockchain technology to become the dominant method for recording and tracking real estate transactions, including payments and title history. Disruptions are on the horizon for title companies, real estate agents, property management, and everyone else in the real estate industry. What disruptions do you see on the horizon for the real estate industry?