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6 Ways to Keep Your Head Straight During Investment Challenges

But it wasn’t until well after I had started investing that I felt like I had learned enough to have a solid handle on things. A Real-Life Rental Property Experience: Cash Flow & Vacancy I have bought several turnkey rental properties. I had been on a buying binge for quite some time by the time I bought this property. Not but a few months after I bought it, the tenants had to be evicted for non-payment. The property manager that came with the property filled the vacancy fairly quickly, only for those tenants to get evicted shortly after as well. Take the Emotions Out While you’re breathing, or at least once those 90 seconds of crazy emotions calm down, realize that there is absolutely nothing personal or emotional about a real estate investment. The longer you stay in the emotions, the less headway you are going to make finding a resolution. It’s almost freakish to me how many people I’ve met who, upon being hit with some challenge, don’t reach out to someone to get clarification or ask questions before resorting to the worst-case scenario in their heads. He’s also the one who helped me realize that one property wasn’t a total loss that year. Again, skip the drama and the emotions.