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5 Ways to Jump Up to Large-Scale Multifamily Investing

I’ve been involved in quite a few aspects of real estate investing. I’ve repeatedly told my son, my employees, and anyone who will listen (not my wife) the following about large scale multifamily: “If I’d have known all along what I know now, I would never have done anything else!” As I write this, I realize that I’ve said this in different words before. Then…” Seriously, if you’ve ever tried to do a large multifamily deal, you’ve realized that you’ve gotta have a very healthy net worth to get commercial debt. Be a Deal Finder for Another Syndicator Do you have connections to multifamily owners? Note that there may be SEC regulations involved in remuneration for this, and you could get into an arena of crossing legal lines in the real estate brokerage arena as well. Tell them that you have many investment options and you’re looking to invest with a firm that allows you to look over their shoulder to learn the process. This will probably work best if you are investing quite a bit above their minimum level, or can bring some additional value to the deal. If you want to raise capital for a syndicator, realize first that you cannot be compensated for doing this unless you are a licensed financial professional. But perhaps you could work out a deal with them to offer you ownership in their deal in exchange for raising capital. I know at least a half-dozen multifamily mentors, and when I started in the multifamily stream I’m in now (class B, value-add, etc.