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7 Ways to Take Your Marketing Strategies From Dull to Dynamic

Are you truly an “expert” at marketing your listings, your brand and your services? Even if you’re doing a decent job at marketing, the bar continually moves from average to exceptional. Your clients are looking for a real “deal,” so if you don’t have an exceptional value proposition to dazzle them with, you may be just another interview and find yourself competing with the crowd. About now, you may be feeling a tad frustrated and confused, battling to keep up with the next best platform even though you’ve barely implemented the last shiny new tool. Don’t despair! Elevate yourself to expert status with hyperlocal statistics, trends and data specific and relevant to that homeowner. Inform the seller of high-level marketing initiatives you deploy, such as single-property websites, the placement of an interactive voice-response system rider on the sign, and a list of lead generation tools, like geofencing strategies, that capture the power of mobile technology. Sellers have heard it all, and to book more business, you’ve got to up your game to go from now to WOW! Consider a refresh, revamp and redesign of your next presentation to get more listings with ease. For a complimentary Open House on Steroids Action Plan, visit http://bit.ly/2MffJrv.