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5 secrets to building a successful brand in real estate

Marketing is core to what real estate agents do everyday, and something I’m intensely focused on as Compass’ chief creative officer. At Compass, I lead a nationwide team of more than 100 world-class marketing specialists, designers, producers and content experts tasked with helping our agents become the best marketers they can be. Real estate is a personal business. That’s why I believe that personal stories should be core to every touch point of agents’ brands. Your brand should reflect you, your life and your business. Focus In today’s marketing world, choices are abundant. One of our agent teams at Compass divides its team members’ time evenly across different marketing channels to improve focus on each. If you spam people with email they don’t want to receive, it will hurt your brand, even if you have a great logo. Much of the content that tells a brand story in industries outside of real estate is based solely on photography and video storytelling. The world of real estate will continue to change.