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10 Not-So-Obvious Ways to Thoroughly Screen Potential Tenants

As a property manager and landlord, I have learned that screening can be the most important element in owning a rental property. Since applicants can put anyone down under their previous landlords contact, we came up with the idea to request the most recent three cleared rent checks, front and back. You can check the tax records to verify the records of landlord provided by the tenant. Requesting a clear, color copy of the applicant’s driver’s license will allow you to verify the address to check whether it matches all other documents from the application or not. An application fee makes applicants think hard before they submit the application, and if they do pay the application fees and then back out, at least your costs are covered. It is important to understand why they are moving. Are they moving because their place is too small or their work is too far from where they are now? Otherwise, they will be out looking in 11 months again because they didn’t realize they were making the same mistake again. It is important that the tenant is on the same page with the terms you are expecting. Landlords: What above-and-beyond steps do you take to thoroughly screen your tenants?