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Here’s Why I’ll Never Sell My Multifamily Investment Properties

I never plan to sell a single multifamily property, and here’s why: I’m Going Long I’m in it for the long haul. I’m not just thinking about how to make money next month, hit a goal this year, or get rich in five. It’s a Lot of Work Sourcing, screening, negotiating, and closing on multifamily apartment buildings takes a lot of work and time. I want the best returns on my time and money. Taxes The quick cash and returns some people rave about from flipping and wholesaling houses can sound really attractive. Until you do the real math and pay your tax bill. Speculation I believe it is just too much of a gamble to buy a property in the hopes of selling it. Some people say that you make your money when you buy, but really, you make your money when the property puts money in your pocket. I see many investors setting themselves up for difficulties right now, overpaying for properties with hopes of flipping. I’m going long, and never plan to sell my multifamily property investments.