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Worried About a Stock Market Crash? Prepare for the Bear Without...

Here’s a reassuring statistic for you: In all but one stock market crash in the last 70 years, residential real estate went up in value, not down. In an expansion cycle, I aggressively buy up rental properties and invest in equities. And, of course, what’s going on in housing and equity markets? In these pauses, investors can make defensive moves, such as paying down debt or stockpiling some cash. “Wait—Are You Saying I Should Try to Time the Market?” No. With that being said, market crashes can be a great time to buy. Imagine you borrow money at 6% to buy a rental property in one of your expansion cycles, and earn $300/month cash from that property. When you get spooked by what’s going on in the stock market, or in housing markets, you can still put your money to work for you, effectively earning a return. Preparing for the Bear by Investing Sound counterintuitive, to prepare for a market crash by investing rather than selling? How do you plan on investing your money over the next year?