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6 Reasons Why Active Duty Military Should Consider Turnkey Real Estate

In most cases, people are buying liabilities instead of assets—and depreciating liabilities at that. And I truly believe real estate investing is one way both active service members and veterans can create a solid financial foundation—and even achieve financial freedom! What is the Best Real Estate Investing Strategy for an Active Duty Service Member? For that reason alone, any passive income-producing asset, such as a turnkey property, is likely the best option to get started. 6 Benefits of Turnkey Investing “Passive” Investing: This is in quotation marks because there isn’t really a way to be completely hands-off. You can expect 10 to 20% cash-on-cash return from a good turnkey (TK) provider. Remember, the IRS doesn’t have “loopholes” for real estate investors. As your tenant pays down your principal each month (through rent payments), your equity increases—and thus, your net worth. More Investing Strategies to Explore After separating or retiring from service, VA loans are available that can be used to, say, house hack a one- to four-unit building with ZERO down payment and without private mortgage insurance. When done right, it can serve as a passive path to real estate investing for beginners, while providing solid, long-term returns.

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