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7 Mistakes People Make Handling Deceased Family Members’ Estates

Then, that's often followed by the monumental task of dealing with the deceased's estate—any property or possessions left behind. Going through possessions piece by piece People tend to start by sorting through each and every item they encounter as they go through the house, says Jacqui Denny, co-founder and chief development officer of estate sale marketplace Everything but the House. You can sort through each box later and decide what to keep or let go. What to do instead: Talk with an appraiser before going through the estate to make sure you aren't overlooking something rare or valuable. Denny says they're where the most valuable items are usually found. Letting your vintage-loving friends sort and assess the estate for free Hey, you have friends who love vintage items and are volunteering to sort through your parents’ estate. “End buyers don’t need to make a profit,” Denny says, “so they are willing to pay more." Not dealing with debts We’ve gone over the profitable elements of an estate. Debts should be paid from the deceased’s estate. What to do instead: Be proactive in following up on any debts the deceased left behind.