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Real Estate Finance Is Changing, Thanks to ‘Fintech’ Startups

Real estate, on the other hand, is a more concrete business. Joining these two seemingly disparate fields was the focus of a demo session this week at the Williamsburg Hotel, where five financial-tech startups pitched potential customers and investors on how their platforms streamline, open up, or otherwise improve the process of building, buying, and selling commercial and residential real estate. For investors, the service would reduce transactions costs and make a real-estate portfolio more liquid. You could even invest in the building you’re currently renting in, Conroy said. For Betting Bigger In the same vein as Meridio, Cadre is a website that allows people to conveniently buy and sell shares of real-estate properties. For Finding out the Quality of Rental Buildings There are 1.1 million multi-family buildings in New York City. The grade also helps lenders evaluate buildings, he said, and is a benefit to good landlords. Instead of placing a deposit in escrow, renters pay a monthly premium, he said. For insurance on a $2,000-per-month apartment, he said, a renter could expect to pay Rhino $15 to $20 monthly for insurance. Sarva also pitched Rhino as a benefit to landlords.