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Why the Future of Digital Marketing Looks Like Blockchain

In the near future, they'll also think digital marketing. Since December 2017, search interest in blockchain has increasingly shown a positive correlation with digital marketing, as well as the potential to converge with search interest in digital marketing. These trend lines appear similar to the the trend lines of search interest in MarTech and AdTech, which converged over a period of 5 years. The Martech Connection One possible reason for the convergence of blockchain and digital marketing can be found by examining other industry trends. Like with adtech and martech, the possibility of converging interest in blockchain and digital marketing could signal interest in a package deal for online marketers: greater trust, greater transparency, and better digital marketing practices all around. But it also probably signals the impact that blockchain started having on adtech last August, when IBM announced a plan to adopt blockchain technology and bring more transparency to the digital advertising supply chain. The same thing that it means for the food industry. For all the ad buyers and digital marketers out there, the good news is that greater accountability brings greater opportunity. With the explosion of popularity that came with bitcoin last year, hundreds of startups jumped on the bandwagon to bring blockchain to their industry. To learn more about how blockchain has already changed digital marketing, join us for a free webinar with Jeremy Epstein on March 27, 2018 at 12:00PM PST / 03:00PM EST