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3 Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate Is Easier Than Ever

Image credit: Martin Barraud | Getty Images Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. According to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, more millionaires today have invested in real estate than any other asset class. While real estate investing may seem intimidating or out of reach, new technology is changing the game by increasing access and decreasing investment minimums. To get a better understanding for how new and younger investors can begin building their real estate portfolios, I had a phone interview with Joy Schoffler, Chief Strategy Officer at Upside Avenue, a spin-off of traditional real estate investment companies that let’s the little guys in. Start conservatively. I recommend starting out by investing with a more conservative approach because I’ve done it the other way and lost.” “If you adopt the investment concept of compounding -- the process of increasing your return based on reinvested earnings -- you might be surprised what you could earn over time. Don't worry about diversification -- just start. If you are fairly conservative with your early investments, you can earn while you learn.” 3. Technology is changing the game and inviting new players. The additional annual filings requirements also allow investors to keep better track of their investments, which gives investors way more information about these non-traded REITs.” Information, technology and transparency are removing the intimidating shroud that has historically covered the real estate investment market -- making that leap from saver to investor that much easier for the future generations of millionaires.