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The business stats you must have on instant recall

What statistics did I use every day on the job? These are the numbers you should be carrying around in your head every day on the job. Everyday statistics to carry around in your head These stats serve me well, both on the job and when I’m summing up my career highlights to date: Testing. Things like open rates, click rates, conversion rates, number of segments and average order value. As a B2B marketer, I need to show how many high-quality leads and customers I acquired. Email success is about more than opens and a good marketer knows what persuades people to open and engage. I’m not marketing to everyone. Carry that data into your meetings and update it regularly. DIY metrics Your dashboard should show your organization’s KPIs, such as the percentage of leads converted to purchase, but you also need your own set of metrics that show your email success on your own terms. Know your data and use it to create a compelling story.