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How Listening To Your Community Will Help You Grow Your Business

It’s our duty as leaders to dig in, identify hidden needs and discover new ways to better serve our local communities. From countless conversations with homeowners to meetings with city council members and local business leaders and research into community-specific issues, we found the hidden need: Short-term-rental homeowners wanted the ability to provide a consistent experience for guests, manage properties ethically, be good neighbors and benefit the local economy. We built our solution for a vacation rental property management company that invests in local communities from there. This is par for the course. Ensuring your mission is focused on the needs of your community will ultimately lead to more positive conversations and proactive solutions. At TurnKey, we rely heavily on feedback from our homeowners and guests, who are the reasons the company exists. Finally, stay involved in your community. It keeps you in tune with your community and helps you focus on the mission of giving your customers and community members what they want. We think daily about the impact we’re able to make on homeowners, travelers and communities across the U.S. As community leaders, you must make choices for your businesses that benefit the communities you're serving. If a business is engaging in activities that detract from the people they’re asking to do business with, it’s time to step back and evaluate what can be done to make the company an enabler of sustained economic growth, rather than instability.

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