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5 Factors That Determine a State’s Investor Friendliness

When you show up to court, the judge generally asks one question to the tenant: “Did you pay the rent?” If not, then the tenant has less than seven days to vacate. States that may be considered better for landlords from this perspective may include Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Friendliness to Businesses If you are in real estate, you are in business. Some places, such as California, have proven to be very unfriendly to businesses and landlords—and have frequently unleashed rent control along with other limitations on investors. Related: 4 Ways Systems Make Landlording Easier, Simpler & More Profitable Another factor to consider is the cost of doing business in a market. They can include state income taxes, high property taxes, and additional fees for landlords. Some issues that fall into this category include whether the tenant can withhold rent for repairs, how much notice a landlord has to give to evict a tenant, the amount of deposit that can be held, and the financial risks landlords can be on the hook for. Summary Where you invest can make a big difference in how safe and profitable your investments and personal finances are. Make sure you understand how the laws vary, and set yourself up for success by organizing in, living in, and investing in the best states. What are your favorite states for investing—and which laws make it easier for you to invest there?