Financial Coach

What Can a Financial Coach Do For You?

A simple way to clarify what a financial coach is to a financial advisor is as follows:

Financial advisors often tend to focus on implementing monetary items and techniques, while financial coaches focus much more on the fundamentals of individual money management, behavior change, and also creating an environment of accountability for their client's spending habits.

While financial advisors most commonly help to maintain the wealth that the client currently has, a financial coach's task is to provide their client the expertise, abilities, that will assist them to live a debt-free life and start building wealth.

A big difference between a financial coach and an advisor is that coaches do not sell or try to push financial investments to their clients. We educate our clients on the different options of insurance coverage, budgeting, and ensuring our clients has the proper diversification when it comes to liquid versus illiquid capital.

But we never provide financial guidance nor do we suggest specific investment opportunities. When clients come to me they are usually in some type of financial crisis and do not have any additional monies to invest. They are looking for relief with their debt and investing is the last thing on their minds.

Financial coaches have a unique role and can play a complementary role with a financial advisor once the client is in a solid financial position, which means they are debt-free! Both individuals play key roles in their client's financial journey, but each does very unique things and works with their clients in very different financial situations.

Financial coaching allows me to mentor and guides my clients through their financial journey. As a financial coach, I get to dive more into my client's "Why" to understand their relationship with money. And finding out answers to the below questions is life-changing:

* What do I believe about money and why?
* Why do I keep making the same money mistakes?
* How do I change so that I can change my family tree?

Let's discuss what I do as a financial coach. First and foremost I am a coach. I engage with my clients by supporting/guiding them to achieve their financial goals, and that all elusive "Why" they have been searching for. I like to tell my clients I am their Yoda and they are Luke Skywalker. And the road to financial freedom is paved with setbacks and hard work.

I offer encouragement throughout their entire journey, which helps them stay on track, and also holds them accountable to their financial goals. In the end, I am their biggest cheerleader and their success continues to fuel me to find more clients that are in need of finding their financial "why".

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When Life Happens You Get Back Up

I know it's been a few weeks since I've put out a podcast or vlog. I have to tell you, life happened for me, had some family challenges and then my best friend lost his father. And at the same time, I was supposed to move, which I had to do all three at the same time. So it's been a little chaotic and I know life happens, but I wanted to check in with you guys, let you know what's going on. Um, I'm getting through day by day, but I'm going to get back on the horse, get this thing going. The cool thing. While I was doing the background, I didn't want to lose all my momentum. I've been going through some financial coach certifications for housing and also just financial coaching in general.

So I have those practically done. One of the financial coaching aspect certifications has done and I'm working on the housing piece so I can be Fannie and Freddie, uh, approved for housing. So be on the lookout for those topics coming up in the near future. But that's, that is going to be a major focus of our business going forward. We have a couple of other cool things that we're going to be launching out here soon. I'll be keeping that in the background, but one of the things that I wanted to talk about is I know life happens to all of us and we all have to deal with family, friends, health challenges, and sometimes it's just darn outright hard to get back on the horse. And it's been somewhat of a struggle, you know, for the last several weeks to get back on the horse, get back in a routine, making sure you're mentally, emotionally, and physically, you know, and spiritually in place and back to where you were. But you really can't actually say that you're back to where you were, because the things that, the things that were actually impacting you, uh, have changed and your life has changed. But the one thing that I look at is this.

I was knocked down many, many times, but every single time I got back up and got back on the horse and got going in, that is in my eyes. The biggest definition of success is yes, life happens. We all have things happen to us, but it's how you react to them. And it's how you get back on the horse and start moving forward. You can't, you can't sit and be knocked down and not get back up because the only thing that's going to do is keep you in that bad place. And whether that bad place is financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, anything whatsoever, it's just too much. And you have to be able to say, okay, guys, I got to get back up and move forward.