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How to Upgrade Your Property Just Enough to Make it Profitable...

Let’s start with why over improving a property is less than ideal. There is a space where you can make a rental look nice and have it be a great place to live without spending more than you have to. Remember, buy houses, never homes. Now, it definitely looks mixed and matched (though definitely not ugly), but in the grand scheme of things for our rentals, it’s not make or break. The Tenant Doesn’t REALLY Care About That House Let’s be real clear about something: You own the house, and you’re the one who will care most about it — forever. Because those people don’t care about the house! The first tenant might love nicer floors, but the next might not care. For any renters reading this right now, would you pay more for more expensive floors, a nicer fridge, or a garbage disposal? Once the excitement is gone, our commitment to creating a lasting property will come to the forefront of our decision making. The goal should be to make necessary improvements and then maximize value on any luxury improvements.