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How to move out of your parents’ house

You can make this a little easier if you find a place that includes utilities in the rent. And if your other expenses are high -- student loans, perhaps, or an expensive car payment -- you'll need to scale back your housing costs to stay financially healthy. How much house can you comfortably afford? If your car payment is $400 and you owe $100 a month on student loans, that leaves you $790 a month for rent. Finally, mortgage lenders like applicants to have at least a month or two of reserves -- savings available to pay the monthly mortgage if you experience an interruption in income or an unexpected expense. Move out of your parents' house: stuff you didn't know you'd need Before moving out, make a list of what you'll need and how you'll get it. Consider what you do every day at your parent's house. Rent-to-own homes: Move in now, buy later How about small appliances? If safe neighborhoods are too expensive for you, choose a smaller cheaper place or move in with someone else in a better area. If you do, make sure there's a safe place to keep it.