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How Blockchains Can Transform the Real Estate Industry

Inefficiencies in the Current Real Estate System In the real estate industry as it currently exists, investors are often required to invest in entire properties. There are only so many investors with enough capital to invest in real estate, due to the fact that even the most affordable properties can be very costly, compared with other investment options. Real Estate Investment Trusts Many people point to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as solutions where individuals have greater ability to invest in real estate. Blockchain technology grants the ability to unlock the potential held within the current real estate market, introducing a whole new world of liquidity and opportunity for investors. Benefits of a Blockchain-Based System In simple terms, blockchain application could allow real estate ownership to be delegated, traded or decentralized in other ways via tokens that represent fractional ownership of the underlying property or asset. SwissRealCoin is another blockchain solution looking to eventually provide global application for the tokenized real estate market. HiP is yet another company looking to change the world through blockchain-based real estate. The token is merely a fee on all trades." Bluenote is one more company in the blockchain property space, but with slightly different goals. Providing blockchain based proof that energy efficiency is the source of that profitability, can unlock the potential of $6.5 trillion in global real estate value, and solve climate change too."