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Eight things your chatbot should never do

But what does the average user really think of brand bots? This means that - regardless of whether you want your bot to sound like a real person - it should always make it clear that it is not. Lack focus AI technology has huge potential, meaning that many brands get overly excited about what they might be able to achieve. However, this can lead to bots trying to do too many things at once, with an apparent lack of understanding about what the user might actually need. Carry on talking (when I’ve abandoned the conversation) One of the most frustrating bot-related experiences is when you’ve left a chat, only to find the bot continues to bother you with follow-up messages. Create unrealistic expectations In line with this, it’s been suggested that brands should lose the ‘chat’ altogether, and simply call themselves ‘bots’. This is because a lot of users come into conversations with very high expectations, only to be disappointed when they’re met with what is essentially a set of multiple-choice questions. Instead of actually helping to narrow down the right gift for the right person, it turned out to provide even fewer options than I could have found from browsing the website.' Ask me things you should already know Chatbots are essentially designed to make the customer experience more convenient, meaning people don’t have to go through other channels. This means that chatbots can ask customers questions that they should already know the answer to.