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10 of the worst social media mistakes agents can make

We’re all guilty. At one point (for some over and over), we all commit various crimes related to our online presence and social media platforms. They have to stop. Whether you are a chronic online offender or a one-time culprit, here are the 10 social media mistakes you have to stop now -- and their simple fixes. Facebook 1. Not having a link to your business page to your personal page Crime Great, you have a business page, however, no one can find it unless you tell them the name of your page. This is also why your page has very few likes and followers. Remedy Go to the "About" section of your personal Facebook page where is says “Work.” Add to your work history by a adding the name of your Facebook business page. Now your business Facebook page will be listed on your personal page, which will allow those who view your personal page to easily find your business page. Not includi...