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What Comes First for Wholesalers: The Buyers List or the Deal?

So lets look at the position of building your buyers list first… Finding the Buyers First We can all agree that a buyers list is important. That is fine we all had to do it but make sure you’re truly looking for properties and not building a list you will do nothing with. I would suggest that until you build your buyers list, work with a seasoned wholesaler who will do the disposition for you if you find a property. Related: How to Reach the #1 Spot on Your Wholesaler’s Buyers List (& Score the BEST Deals) Finding the Deal First Now, let’s take a different approach to the same scenario I spoke of above: What if the newbie called and asked me if I was buying, and then said, “I have a property that you may be interested in.” I would then be all ears to see if the deal fit my criteria. In markets everywhere, finding the deal maybe a lot harder than finding the buyers. I know, I know, finding the deal first is a little scarier. So what’s hard first (finding deals). Everyone always says, Find the buyer first or the property. While you’re working on finding the property, why not talk with sellers and try and find them simultaneously? Although there are benefits to building a list and finding the deal independently, there’s a bigger upside if you work on doing both to speed up the process and help you build momentum.