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3 Ways to Enhance Rental Property Security

Why Rental Property Security Matters Rental properties have a couple of unique features that make them bigger targets for criminal activity. You can’t always prevent every issue, but you can take practical steps to ensure they aren’t targets. An investment in security is a good way to prove that you’re looking out for the safety of your tenants. Related: 3 Tips to Help Keep Yourself (and Your Property) Safe on Airbnb 3 Ways to Enhance Rental Property Security There’s a difference between understanding the need for rental property security and actually being proactive about the matter. A security camera is one of the single greatest deterrents you can use to prevent crime. Replace locks after each tenant. As the landlord, you need access to your property. A safe rental property needs adequate outdoor lighting around the entire perimeter. Security is something that needs to be taken more seriously than it is. As a landlord, you have a certain duty of care that’s owed to your tenants and an investment in both direct and indirect security mechanisms and strategies will show that you care for their well-being.