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3 Times in My Real Estate Career When Failing Was a...

Below are 3 investment stories when failing was a real estate success. While the asking price was under $1,000 to purchase this 3-bedroom mobile home, I told the seller that I would be very happy to purchase this property the next day, Monday. Still I would first need to speak with the manager and walk through the last two bedrooms before we would be able to purchase the home. Lesson Learned: I was almost pressured into not following proper due diligence by skipping a thorough walk-through of the entire mobile home and also not getting approved at the park first. One of the properties was a 3-bedroom and the other a 2-bedroom. The last time I followed up with the seller, the mother informed me they had sold their mobile homes to another buyer. This was a turning point in how I treat and love myself. The Real Estate Failure Before I started investing in mobile homes, I spent my small life savings mailing single family home sellers, hanging signs, knocking on house doors, making offers with real estate agents, and making offers to sellers with absolutely no deals to show for it. From that first mobile home investment there would be many more to come. As an active real estate investor, you will continue to learn, grow, and evolve in your real estate investing business.