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8 reasons selling without a real estate agent is a recipe...

Time Everyone’s time is valuable, but do sellers truly have time to attempt to play the real estate agent role? Do sellers know how to properly prepare their home for sale, and do they know what it needs or doesn’t need? Are they able to orchestrate photo and video shoots with ease and know who to contact? Marketing How are sellers going to market their property? How do sellers reach buyers? What agents are most likely to have buyers for the home? Inspection and repair know-how This is one of the most difficult parts of a real estate transaction, even for real estate professionals. If sellers don’t know better, they could find themselves making an improvement, not a repair on their home for a new buyer. What do sellers do next? The perceived savings can come back to bite sellers in terms of uninformed decisions and costly mistakes that — in the long run — end up costing sellers more money than if they would have used an agent to protect their interests and help them justify their home’s value in the first place.