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The return on investment of intelligent buildings

The commercial property of the future, like its residential cousins, will be a building with which you can have a two-way conversation, incorporating each subsystem of a whole building system. – and had the authority to make real-time, cost-saving decisions and recommendations of future opportunities to owners and managers – instantly. There are three important takeaways for building owners and property managers: Invest in building your company’s IQ in this space. Building managers must understand the changing technology environment and the economics well enough to hire the right teams to plan, budget and manage the project, while identifying the costs and benefits that need to be transcribed into financial pro formas in a way that demonstrates a return on investment. Much of the data captured and analyzed by smart buildings will be tenant generated, and this is where intelligent buildings really differentiate themselves from merely energy-efficient buildings. It will be easier to identify and take advantage of low-hanging fruit energy savings, because automated and optimized systems will make it so. Ultimately, what is the return on investment for smart buildings? For most building owners, while the benefits are real, the cost now may yet be too high. I recommend starting with one smart system – HVAC, for example, and build on interoperability, system by system. Building management soon will be a two-way conversation with you and your BMS.