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54 Artificial Intelligence Powered Marketing Tools

Many are turning to tools and platforms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Marketers are using AI to automate and optimize their marketing because that’s what it will take to meet customer appetite for personalized experiences. What are marketers doing with AI? Areas of focus include advertising automation and optimization, chat bots for service and assisting in sales, and content personalization to name a few. Chat apps and bots are increasingly being used beyond light customer service to engage customers during the sales process. @drift Emarsys – Understand each contact as an individual customer and execute highly personalized campaigns at scale with AI solutions. Automates 1:1 engagement with target accounts, at scale & across all digital channels. @getoribi PaveAI – Turns Google Analytics data in actionable insights + reports with our data science AI algorithm. 50 plus tools that leverage artificial intelligence for marketing. At the same time, very few of these AI powered marketing solutions are “set it and forget it”.