No, I’m not scared of 100-year-old properties. In fact, I have always been fascinated by older properties. They just have a look and a feel that you do not get with newer ones. They have a history and a story to them. I wonder who lived there. I wonder who worked there. I wonder what life was like for them 100 or more years ago.

I live in a home built in 1923, and I generally work with properties even older than that. I have nothing against newer buildings, as I have worked with them as well. But the older ones just seem more special and fun to me.

So no, I’m not afraid of older properties, but that does not mean they don’t come without some unique challenges, just as most other properties do. Some of those challenges will, however, be unique to older properties, as building techniques, materials, and styles have changed over the years. You simply have to be aware of these potential challenges going in and learn how to deal them. Then these older properties are just like any other property out there.

So, what are some of these unique and potential challenges that your will face with properties that are over 100 years old? Here are a few I have run across.

8 Challenges You May Face With Old Properties

1. Knob and Tube Wiring

This is a very old form of electrical wiring. Insurance companies hate it and often will not insure properties that have it. Why? I’m not sure as it seems to work perfectly well as long as it is undisturbed. This is honestly the major problem you may face with older properties as the knob and tube often has to be replaced, which is costly.

2. Plaster

Installing plaster is a lost art. Very few know how to repair it these days. So, damaged plaster walls often have to come completely down. This can be good anyway because you need to expose that old wiring mentioned above to replace it.

3. Lead Pipes

Lead has been used in pipes going all…