Facebook’s 2018 NewsFeed algorithm is rocking the boat.

In fact, less invested businesses could jump ship on the social network this year; or at the very least, feel pressure to dial down how much they use Pages for marketing (and dial up how much they use Facebook for ads and live video).

Why? Because in January, Facebook’s Adam Mosseri, Head of NewsFeed, announced updates to the organization’s ranking algorithm that will prioritize meaningful, personal interactions over the reach of public Facebook Pages:

The same Adam Mosseri also made clear in an interview with Wired that these changes won’t affect Facebook ads:

None of this means that social media marketers who depend on Pages for reach are being phased out.

But it does mean that marketers who use Pages are going to have to change their reach strategy into an engagement strategy.

That is, if businesses who use Facebook Pages want to avoid seeing their traffic drop, they’ll have to start fostering social engagements that fit Facebook’s definition of “meaningful” (i.e., reactions, comments, shares, and live videos).

Instead of just posting and boosting content, businesses that use Pages should start planning marketing strategies around social events that include Facebook Live and cause-specific Facebook Groups, as well as work to support productive conversations around those events every step of the way.

If marketers who use Pages don’t make these adjustments, then NewsFeed’s updated social ranking algorithm will leave them hanging out to dry, especially in an environment where Facebook ads and live video are preferred fruit.

But these changes could also push Pages users in a different direction with less red tape. And that’s toward LinkedIn—where the algorithms are still less stringent…