Millennial buyers on the rise

If you’re not marketing your home to Millennials, then you’re missing out. Data shows that by the end of 2018, Millennials are expected to account for a whopping 43 percent of new mortgages — meaning nearly half of all home sales.

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The growing Millennial cohort

According to the Millennial Home Buying Trends Report, Millennial buyers accounted for 36 percent of home sales in the last year. By the end of 2018, they’ll make up a projected 43 percent of all mortgages.

Half of Millennial homes purchased in the last year were located in the suburbs. They were also more likely to be in small towns than those bought by Baby Boomers or Generation Xers. Only about a quarter of Millennial buyers chose urban locations.

“While plenty of Millennials are attracted to places like New York and Los…