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Selling a home in the U.S. costs an average of $18.342 according to a new study on the hidden costs of selling carried about by Zillow and Thumbtack.

The companies identified several common, but often overlooked, seller expenses and calculated what they would cost around the country. Because 61 percent of today’s sellers have never sold a home before, many of these costs may come as a surprise.

Home sellers spend more time getting their home ready to sell than it will spend on the market, with the majority (78 percent) of sellers making at least one home improvement. Sellers who hire professional help spend $4,985 on average to cover many basic seller prep projects like painting, staging, carpet cleaning, lawn care and gardening and local moving costs. However, labor costs can vary significantly by metro. Sellers in San Jose, California, pay $6,580 on average, whereas sellers in Dallas pay an average of $3,720 for the same projects.

Home sellers are also responsible for…