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TRU Buy- Why You Should Sell Your Note!

You are likely here because you hold a Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Real Estate Note, Bond for Title, Mortgage Note or Promissory Note and are interested in possibly selling it.

Whether you are looking for more information regarding selling your note to better understand the process and procedure. Or are you looking for someone you can work with in selling your real estate note, we hope you find TruVest, LLC is a good and reliable resource for you.

Being 5 years in the business we feel we’ve got a good understanding of the note buying and note selling business and are confident we can aid you in the process of selling your note.

Selling your Real Estate Note

We have taken and continue to take steps that will make the process of selling your mortgage note more personable and efficient for you; steps that enable you to feel comfortable with your decision to sell your note, and simple so that you don’t have to worry about the stress of what can otherwise be a complex process. If you decide you would like to request a free quote for your owner financed note, we hopefully have an option that is a good fit for you.

All options for requesting a free quote are quick, easy and relatively painless. You can enter your mortgage note information online on our website at your leisure. Just click here, provide the requested information and then click “Send” and we will have a quote to you within 3 business days (typically we will get a quote for you within 24 hours but sometimes we may need an extra day or two). Or if you prefer a more personal touch please call us as we really enjoy speaking with our customers and getting to know them. Don’t worry there is no automated system or overseas call center to deal with.

Calls come directly to our office and our staff will direct you to our one of our knowledgeable note purchasers. Or if you prefer to contact us by email you may either send your email request through our online email option found on the Contact Us page or you can find our individual email addresses on our About Us page. When we have received all the requested information we will do our number crunching to see what kind of price we can get you.