How to Be a Polished Listing Agent

Throughout my real estate career, I have worked diligently to master my professional skills; however, I made the extra effort to intentionally develop my listing skill. This skill has allowed me to set myself apart from other agents, both professionally and financially. I’ve sat at my share of kitchen tables, and, with each listing, learned a little more about mastering the art of listing.

Next time you have a scheduled listing appointment, consider embracing some of these tried-and-true tips. It’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting the listing.

Give a preview of what to expect on the appointment.
Giving your seller a plan for the meeting will establish you as the lead and expert and will allow you to control the appointment when you arrive. It will assure and calm the seller once they know the expert has a plan.

Gain insight into what your clients want.
Discovering what style appeals to your seller will increase your chances of obtaining the listing. Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about the seller. Ask them about their experience working with an agent in the past; what did they like and dislike and what’s their expectation in using an agent now?

Take detailed notes. Ask lots of questions.
A homeowner knows you’re fully engaged and excited about their home when you show interest in their property. By asking questions and writing down the information, the seller realizes that I am excited about the home. This activity is communicating so much without you ever having to say a word. Asking questions and taking notes is key to showing the seller…