It’s one of the most essential life skills you’ll ever learn…

I’m talking about listening.

Whether it’s opening your ears to casual conversations, lectures, talks, opinions, or the media… I can’t tell you how many times a simple conversation, a brief comment or a short discussion has alerted me to something that has proved extremely interesting and often very profitable.

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I’ve made a lot of money over the years from simple conversations that have alerted me to something, or some opportunity, that I might not have otherwise noticed or seen clearly.

And in real estate, keeping your ears open can lead to big gains – and avoiding big losses.

(For example… the property I referred to in this article that I bought in 2006, came onto my radar during a conversation over a couple beers with a friend. That conversation ended up being worth nearly a million dollars. That’s a lot of beer.)

So whenever you’re looking to buy property, you should take the time to ask your friends, colleagues and acquaintances for their thoughts.

People love talking about property

It seems to be that every dinner party I’ve ever been to has involved at some point these two topics of conversation: Airline horror stories, and real estate.

People love to talk about property. Everyone’s an expert – or knows an expert. Everyone has a tale to tell. And you’d be wise not to dismiss this as small talk or idle chatter, and tune in.

Whenever friends visit Hong Kong, I always ask about what they’re seeing in real estate back home in their neighbourhood or city. Always, always ask for opinions about property – and chances are you’ll receive plenty.

No matter how much experience you have or how much research you do,…