If you make minimum wage, chances are you probably cannot afford to rent a modest 2-bedroom apartment, according to a new report by, the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Let’s set up a scenario, okay? You are a single parent supporting a small family on minimum wage. Your children are getting older, and it may be time to find an apartment that can fit the needs of a growing family.

Can you afford it though? The state you live in requires your employer to pay you at least $7.25 an hour, and that is exactly what you are making. So how much will you need to make in order to afford the modest 2-bedroom apartment you’ve been eyeing?

Well, a whopping $22.10 an hour, by some estimations, which is a huge difference from the little pay you currently receive. This means you will need to work at least 122 hours a week.

If you do somehow…