To succeed in modern marketing efforts, today’s CMOs must have a wide range of skills and expertise. Pexels

They say that fortune favors the bold, but in my experience, it also favors the capable. To succeed in modern marketing efforts, today’s CMOs must have a wide range of skills and expertise that they can leverage to inform every decision they make.

Especially on larger marketing teams, certain roles are often siloed. From SEO optimization and analytics to content creation and dissemination, CMOs must be able to bridge existing gaps and demonstrate a high level of skill in a broad range of fields . Of course, the CMO shouldn’t actually perform all of these roles — what he or she should do, however, is bring the perspective gained from one job to another to inform viewpoints and potentially stir up new ideas.

Collaboration Over Competition

Roles in marketing organizations are specialized for a reason, and it’s likely that the data analyst the CMO hires will always be better at his or her specific job than the CMO. Still, knowing the ins and outs of each role and having a fundamental understanding of how they work together enables the CMO to not only remove bottlenecks and improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations, but also to create more effective campaigns and drive more impressive results.

When leaders have a firm grasp of the various roles their individual employees must perform in order for the team to function, they can recognize barriers that might emerge from a long way off and intervene to tear them down and ensure a steady flow of work. Not surprisingly, employees are happier when they can perform their jobs more effectively, and companies are more successful when their marketing teams are firing on all cylinders.

Granted, expertise in a broad range of skill sets isn’t something that’s gained overnight. It takes years…