Have you ever wondered how to find a handyman? The trick is finding someone trustworthy with a proven track record of success. There are plenty of websites and apps that make it a snap to recruit this much-needed helping hand. But hiring the wrong person to get a job done can turn a seemingly straightforward task into an expensive headache. What can you do to make sure your home project is snafu-free?

Here are the essential things to consider.

Do you need a handyman or a licensed professional?

A handyman is typically a jack-of-all-trades who handles basic projects or repair jobs that don’t require special licensing—think interior painting or assembling flat-packed furniture. However, for projects that involve your home’s major systems, such as plumbing and electrical, it is best to hire a licensed professional.

“Licensed [professionals] have the training, experience, and tools to make code-compliant installations and repairs,” says New York City architect John Mochelle. ”Someone without proper training in those areas can cause far more harm than good.”

Get to know your local laws

While there are no national standards for handymen, some parts of the country have their own regulations in place designed to protect consumers. For example, some states require handymen to carry insurance, while others prohibit projects that cost more than $500 without a contractor’s license.

Before you contract out a job, be sure the handyman you’ve selected is compliant with all the laws in your area.

Should you seek recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors?

“Word-of-mouth is currently still the best way to find a handyman,” says Nathan Outlaw, CEO of Onvico, a construction company based in Thomasville, GA. “But make sure to check out the work the person did first as your friends and family may have different standards than you do.”

Social media is another avenue that can help you find some strong leads.

”If your friends and family can’t suggest a reliable handyman, reach out to neighborhood groups on Facebook and ask the people you find there for suggestions,”…