Owning your home is still very much a part of the American dream—but it’s not cheap: The national median price is $218,000. Here’s a look at the average home costs in each state in 2018.


How Much the Average House Costs in Each State

The average home price is $199,020. If you’re considering a move to the state, your best destination may be Birmingham, according to Their research points out that the city is a major hub for construction, banking, medical research, and more. There’s a broad range of employment opportunities. The downtown is vibrant, with trendy stores and gourmet restaurants. Better still, there is an inventory of homes in the $80,000-$100,000 range.


House and vehicle around with tree in Skagway Alaska, Tower,Hoose style

The state has a steady average home price of $286,438. Even though there is a lack of inventory, the price has remained stable because more people are leaving the state than moving there. Be wary: According to a report by the Alaska Journal of Commerce, the Anchorage housing market may be about to slide. These days, Alaska’s willing to pay you $1,000 to move—and stay—there.


Western Two-Story House in Arizona

The average home price is $286,067. Although Phoenix got hit hard when the housing bubble burst, the area’s sales last year tell the recovery story. Almost one-third of the valley’s ZIP codes posted double-digit-percentage increases in prices last year, according to The Arizona Republic. Apparently, the first-time homebuyer market is on fire.

How Much the Average House Costs in Each State
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