How focused are you on the needs of your community?

When launching a new business venture or even growing an existing one, this is perhaps the most impactful question you can ask about yourself and your company. It’s our duty as leaders to dig in, identify hidden needs and discover new ways to better serve our local communities.

For my business, this meant understanding how our local communities across the U.S. felt about short-term rentals and identifying any missing pieces of the puzzle. From countless conversations with homeowners to meetings with city council members and local business leaders and research into community-specific issues, we found the hidden need: Short-term-rental homeowners wanted the ability to provide a consistent experience for guests, manage properties ethically, be good neighbors and benefit the local economy. Guests wanted a consistent, reliable vacation rental experience to enjoy communities across the country. We built our solution for a vacation rental property management company that invests in local communities from there.

Companies that identify their communities’ hidden needs will ultimately generate positive ripple effects that impact different groups and areas within those communities. Of course, just like other companies pushing forward new offerings addressing community needs, our commitment to promoting short-term rental activity has not been without pushback or opposition. This is par for the course. There will always be those who don’t believe in what your business is doing, and that’s OK. Even if you disagree with someone about their stance on your business and your mission, you can still stand to learn from their perspective. Ensuring your mission is focused on the needs of your community will ultimately lead to more positive…