Homeowner savings
© Rachen Buosa – EyeEm/Getty Images

Owners can often conserve more money once housing costs and living necessities are all covered. However, a new study shows those who rent can barely get by in some cities.

PropertyShark and RentCafe teamed up for a study on discretionary income and analyzed the top 50 largest cities where an owner or a renter can save the most money after paying living costs. For living costs, estimates for food, health care, entertainment, and transportation were culled from the U.S. Department of Labor.

In 44 of the 50 cities, homeowners can save money each month and even apply a 50/30/20 budget (50 percent spent on needs, like housing costs, bills, and living essentials; 30 percent spent on wants; and 20 percent on savings and investments).

Owners tend to fare well in some of the nation’s largest cities, too. For example, homeowners can save more than $4,500 a month in Manhattan, $3,500 a month in San Jose, Calif., and even $2,600 in San Francisco, according to the study. A…