Jennifer Saenz began her career as an intern with Frito-Lay more than 12 years ago. She worked her way through the ranks, and in March of 2016, she was named CMO.

“The role is pretty comprehensive. It oversees all of our advertising and media across all of our businesses,” says Saenz. “Our innovation pipeline, consumer insights and category management. And then an in-house creative agency and programmatic media desk — so it’s pretty much soup-to-nuts marketing.”

Saenz says her career trajectory within the company from intern to CMO was an exciting arc, and, because of it, she is able to tell her team that it often feels as though she has held every single role within the brand’s marketing organization.

“What has been very interesting is how the media landscape and marketing approach has evolved over time,” says Saenz.

The CMO says the brand has become much more sophisticated during the 12 years she’s been with the company, while at the same time, the amount of available consumer behavior…