As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we dream of our business ideas taking off. As real estate agents and broker-owners, we wear multiple hats on a daily basis. Sometimes we have so many tasks to do each day to make things happen that when our idea does take off, we no longer know our exact role or how to keep up. Burnout is real, and it can happen if you do not keep grounded and true to yourself. Here are some life hacks that help keep me balanced and focused in my real estate business.

Choose Your Attitude

You can choose how you feel and how you react to situations. It might be natural as your business is heating up to find yourself stressed and therefore having a shorter attention span or less patience around your employees. Something may happen completely out of your control, and you take this situation too personally and act out.

If the weather is bad, enjoy the fact that it is raining. When the weather is great, let it enhance your mood. If you get bad news, don’t allow it to impact who you are and how you operate. You can choose to dismiss it. The challenge is to choose to be cognizant of how a situation affects your mood, choose to shorten that window or allow it to impact you for a long time, if needed.

Instead of letting the stress of your busy day take over, be grateful your hard work is paying off and business is picking up.

Get Outside

As simple as it sounds, spending some time with Mother Nature can help keep you grounded and well. While it is not always easy to leave your computer screen, it’s better for your business if you make time to get outside and move around.