Does this recent tweet below from the National Association of Realtors seem at all believable to you?


FSBO (pronounced, “fizbo”) is real estate agent lingo for “For Sale By Owner.” FSBOs are home sellers who sell their homes directly to buyers without using real estate agents. Those sellers often put signs in their front yards that say, “For Sale By Owner,” and thus the name.

If you ever want to get into a lively conversation with any real estate agent, just ask them what they think of “For Sale By Owners.” I can’t think of a subject that gets real estate agents more riled up.

Many will dive into a story about a FSBO house that sold for far less than fair market value. It may have happened many years ago but their memory of it is likely to be as fresh as yesterday.

That’s why a tweet like the one above is so popular with real estate agents.

Does That Sound Plausible?

If you’re not a real estate agent, however, does that tweet sound at all plausible to you?

I could believe that real estate agents sell homes for a few percentage points more than home sellers who don’t use agents but 32% seems crazy.

If real estate agents really sold homes for 32% more, wouldn’t every home buyer in the country just go around real estate agents and buy their homes directly from “For Sale By Owner” sellers?

The National Association of…