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Affordability continues to slip across the U.S., falling even further from last year as home prices continue to rise and mortgage rates increase, according to a joint report from the National Association of Realtors and

The report showed that housing affordability is down from a year ago, and fewer households can afford the active inventory of homes for sale based on their income.

Using data on mortgages, state and metro area-level income and listings on, the Realtors Affordability Distribution Curve and Score is designed to examine affordability conditions at different income levels for all active inventory on the market. A score of one or higher generally suggests a market where homes for sale are more affordable to households in proportion to their income distribution.

In some of the least affordable markets, only about 19% to 23% of active housing inventory is affordable to a median income level earner. These markets include Hawaii, with an affordability score of 0.52, California at 0.57, Oregon at 0.6 and the District of Columbia, Montana and Rhode Island all at 0.64.

On the other end of the spectrum, states with the most affordable housing included Ohio at 1.12, Indiana at 1.09, Kansas at 1.09,…