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A full time rehab investor needs to manage the four phases of every deal. Becoming a rehab millionaire means having at least 16 deals in work every month and maybe more. Four deals turning a $20,000 profit each month will bring in $960,000 each year. If you’re only turning two houses each year, you’re going to need to keep your day job.

If you want to be a serious, full time, professional real estate investor, you shouldn’t be swinging a hammer or even licking envelopes, you need to be managing a team that is doing the work for you.

The Million Dollar Pipeline

There are four major categories to your million dollar real estate pipeline. You should have four properties in each category at any given time. During each month, you should be purchasing four houses, which immediately go into the rehab phase. On an average of once a week, you should have one property finishing rehab and going onto the market. At the same time, you should be collecting a paycheck approximately once a week as your investments are sold to both pay you and invest in the next project. The four phases are Purchase, Rehab, Marketing, and Sold.

The novice investor focuses all of his or her energy on one stage at a time. That’s an “onsie-twosie” investor. In other words, he or she may only do one or two deals in a given year. If that fits your goals then great! Go for it! But if you want to be a million dollar real estate investor, you’ll systematize the process to keep the pipeline full. You’ll have…