Santa's House

It’s time for the story we’ve all been waiting for – HousingWire’s No. 1 top article of 2017.

As we counted down to Christmas we saw the top articles of the year, which you can catch up on below. But now, the holiday is passed, and before we move on the new year and the changes it brings, it’s time to look at the top article that attracted the most reads this year.

We already discovered the 9th and 10th top articles in part one of the countdown, the 7th and 8th top articles in part two, the 5th and 6th articles in part three and the top 3rd and 4th articles in part four.

Now, before we get to the No. 1 article, let’s check out the 2nd most popular article on HousingWire this year…

And the runner up is:

Written in May, after a legacy of rumor dating…