Cities pay to relocate
© Nick White – Cultura/Getty Images

Some cities faced with sluggish population growth are making an enticing offer to consumers: They’ll pay new residents—up to $10,000 in some cases—to make the city their new home. Such incentives are growing more common, according to a new report from Livability. The various metros are hoping to attract new residents to relocate and help them revitalize their economies.

Cities are coming with abundant offers too, from paying off student loans to handing out free plots of land. Here are some of the cities making offers:

  • Burlington, Vt.: Vermont is willing to pay new residents up to $10,000 toward moving expenses, as well as a computer and a co-working space for those who move to the state and work remotely.
  • Marne, Iowa: Marne officials are offering new residents a free plot of land in the town, which is located between Omaha and Des…