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6 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Reach Your Intended Audience

The following is information about six popular ways YouTube can be used as part of your overall online strategy to achieve your company’s goals. If you’re a small-business owner with a big personality, consider starring in your own YouTube videos to help build your company’s brand, tell its story, and promote its message. Share Your Knowledge, Commentary, or How-to Information One reason YouTube has become so popular is that in addition to watching countless hours of entertaining videos, people can quickly find informative and easy-to-understand how-to videos about any topic imaginable. Using a bit of creativity, chances are you’ll come up with a handful of ideas about how your business could benefit from communicating directly with its customers (or potential customers) using YouTube. For example, you could create a product demonstration or product comparison video. Introduce a New Product or Service and Direct People to Your Online Store Showcasing products on YouTube is a low-cost yet highly effective way to demonstrate products to your customers, showcase features, and explain how to best use a product especially if you’re operating an online-based business or there’s an online component to your traditional retail business. Teach People How to Use a Product or Service Many businesses have discovered that producing YouTube videos as an instructional tool can help improve customer loyalty, reduce returns, and allow a business to enhance its customer service efforts without putting a strain on resources. How-to videos for a product offer a different approach than a product demo, yet both approaches can benefit businesses looking to promote and sell products. You can produce instructional videos to teach people how to assemble and/or use a product, for example, plus help customers easily discover the true potential of a product, while eliminating their potential frustration. If you’ve invented a product, you can explain where the inspiration for the product came from and why you’re personally passionate about the product.